Get the inside story on worms in cats

Intestinal Worms

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but even the most sanitary conditions won’t guarantee your cat is protected from intestinal worms. Easily picked up from the environment, these nasty little worms make a home in your furry friend’s intestinal tract, leading to a range of health issues. With very few visible symptoms, they frequently pass from mothers to new-born litters, often laying dormant until times of stress.

Facts about worms in cats

Often playing the role of quiet house guests within a host, intestinal worms can be hard to spot. Keep a watchful eye out for tell-tale signs and contact your local vet at the first sign of any symptoms:

  • Your cat isn’t gaining weight, suffers from weight loss or diarrhoea
  • Their coat is dull or in poor condition
  • They appear pot-bellied, or have decreased appetite
  • They suffer from vomiting or lethargy
  • They have a cough

To ensure the ongoing health and happiness of your cat, the simplest and easiest way to treat against intestinal worms is a regular routine of Bravecto Plus for Cats.

BRAVECTO QUANTUM requires vet authorisation, ACVM no: A011993. Bravecto ACVM No’s: A011019, A011261 & A011446.